Friday, August 19, 2011

Please pray

Just a quick note to ask you all to remember to pray for us over the next while. The joykids team has a busy August and Sept. We've got a few performances coming up and are always needing to be covered in prayer for the shows.

There's so many aspects to a performance... From going over each presentation again and again rehearsing, loading up our van, getting directions, check lists, set up, the performance itself with so many details during it, tear down, talking to all the boys and girls, getting home safely, unpacking all the gear... If one thing goes wrong, the entire show could have problems. We've had flat tires, gotten lost, been sick during our presentations, had back problems (that affect how we can lift gear), had power outages... So many different aspects.

At most shows we've done, we've had audience members who have heard nothing about Jesus, so it's important that we get to the destination safely and have no sound problems or health problems! God has been so good to help us carry on!! We don't mention that list above to be negative, or for you to think that we're rolling our eyes. It's simply so that our readers and listeners know what goes on before and then during and after a show. There's more to it than an hour long presentation. Again, God is so very good!! The opportunities we've had during these years to share about Jesus is exciting!

We're so appreciative of the Joykids listeners who pray for us regularly. We don't ever want to forget how many people continually pray for the radio show, Joy1250 and the Joykids team. It's what has kept us going!! So, THANK YOU!!!


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