Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Welcome to 2009 everyone :)

I've been thinking about things we can do as a family to grow closer to God and act out a life more in tune to the Bible.  There are several things that we've been challenged with over the past year that we are trying to work through and others that are long habits which continue to strengthen us and keep us close.

First up should be obvious to anyone who has dedicated their lives to Christ and strive to follow Him.  It is to pray, not only ourselves, but as a family.  

I'm continually stunned by how many Christians leave all their growth to a Sunday church service and also  how few actually spend time together as a family in prayer.  

Children  learn by example so how are they to really grasp the importance of growing closer to Jesus and daily taking up the 'cross' if parents rarely do it themselves?  I know it's hard, especially when we are often running around from sun up to sun down, what between school, jobs, grocery shopping , after school activities, homework and housework there seems to be little time for anything else.  But truth be told, we will prioritize what is most important to us.  We can find the time!  Think of how often we are shuttling our children around in a car.   What about  writing down the names of a few people who we know need prayer (maybe a missionary from your church) and pray for them daily in the car while driving to school?  If the children are young, perfect!  It will help your child get into the habit of praying for others.  What about discussing topics from church around the dinner table?  I know for many people it is difficult because we are so busy, but the effort will be well worth it!

Also, when you pray together as a family, children are learning a habit that they will carry with them later in life.

Along the same vein about taking something with them in life is finances.  I have observed and learnt several things from my grandparents.  They save money and don't waste anything!  Such a difference from today's society.  We live in a throw away world and have really confused 'want' with 'need'.  We should be striving to give regularly to our church and brining our children into that process.  Do you sponsor a child?  If so,  make it a point for your children to write letters to him or her.  Through it all, you as a family will learn about how much we have here in Canada.

Remember that none of us has it all figured out!  Despite how it appears when we're on the radio, we don't have it 'together', there are many days when life gets us and all of our 'plans' go out the window.  I understand that every family is unique and we all have challenges.

 All I'm suggesting is that we do our best.  God understands us, but he also desires that we get to know Him, intimately!

So, work on it as a family, try to simplify your life, involve your kids in helping out a charity and pray!!!

God Bless you as we all embark on a New Year :)