Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Victoria Day

Hi there everyone! Hope you are getting ready for Victoria Day week-end! I know that with the long week-end coming up, people are excited about summer. At this point, I know I'm ready for the temperatures to warm up. Spring seems to be somewhat cold this year :(

Anyhow, please remember to be safe this week-end! That means, if you're traveling to your cottage that (for parents) you drive safely.

If your family is doing a fireworks display with friends, family or neighbours, remember to be SAFE with the fireworks. Please parents, make sure that you don't set them off under trees (which I've seen someone do), that you don't aim them at someone's house (which I've also seen someone do). The fireworks should be placed in a bucket of sand before they are launched. Also, having a bucket of water close by is important. The whole idea of a fireworks is for FUN. Nobody wants to get hurt, or have a fire start. So, please be responsible and remember that children are watching and learning by example :)

I love fireworks, the colours, the excitement and even hearing the corny noises of people saying 'Ooohhh and Ahhhh". It's super fun and God has blessed us so very much to live in a place like Canada.

Thanks and have a super, safe and happy Victoria Day week-end!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's May

Hi again everyone!

It is May :) I love seeing the flowers out and the trees blossoming this time of year :) There is something about the days being longer and all the birds making nests that make me smile.

Let's please remember to pray for peace in the middle east. With the changes in so many countries political situations (Libya, Lebanon) and with the death of Osama Bin Laden, we need to pray for our own leaders (that the will make wise choices in dealing with other world leaders). Please also pray for our troops overseas, who are fighting to keep Canada safe.

Also, remember each and every day that God is a GOOD God! We may not understand what is going on around us, but God does. He has a plan for everything and nothing surprises Him!!

If you are discouraged about what you hear on the news, something that we do as a family to help remind us that God is in control and that He is there no matter what, is to make a list of how He has provided for us.

It can be as simple as writing down three things you are thankful for (your family, being able to vote in an election, for the sunshine, etc). Then, tomorrow, write down three more things. Or, what we do as a family, is to list things that we can think of at that moment. Usually, we run out of room on the piece of paper. When we can see or remember what God has done for us (provided us with a wonderful country to live in like Canada, provided us with sunshine, etc.) it helps us to be more thankful and trusting!

Also, write down Bible verses and put them up around your home. We do that too. So, when we're walking by the fridge, or by the computer we see a Bible verse posted there. The Bible is what God has given us to help us learn about Him, to see His heart. So, let's use it more!

Thanks and Bless you all!