Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yeah :)

Hi all!

Happy long week-end! That's right, it's almost August. It's the Civic Holiday week-end. It's hard to believe that summer is half over already :(

Seeing as we've not had a car for a couple of weeks, it has kind of not felt like a 'true' summer. Usually, we're driving to my dad's cottage, we're visiting family, having BBQ's and going to splash pads with friends. But, this year, it's been a little different. Not different in a bad way, but just not the 'norm'.

During all this, we've tried to continually thank God for what He provides for us. We had family and a couple of friends make sure we had groceries, drives to church, etc. Also, we are within walking distance of the library, a park, even a store to make sure we could get milk. We kept saying to each other 'this is more than a lot of people have'.

So, all that to say, it's awesome to know and appreciate how much God has given! Plus, the good news is that we have a van now :) We are enjoying having 'wheels' again. Also, it's got an air conditioner, we have not had an a/c unit in our car for over three years now and we are ENJOYING it! This is the first time we have a cd player in a car too... So, yeah! We're finally getting with the times (yeah, I know...People have cars with docking systems for their Ipods and phones and we're just getting a cd player... LOL).

So, we're truly thankful! God has provided for us again.

We just wanted to give you all an update, as people have been asking us about our car situation. Thank you to so many of you who have been praying for us. We meet people all the time who let us know that they pray for our family and the Joykids ministry. It's so humbling to know that people do that for us and we appreciate it so much!

Bless you and enjoy your week-end!


P.S. - Please be in prayer for the Kingdom Bound festival just outside Buffalo at the Darien Lake's Theme park which is going on right now. There will be thousands of people there over the next few days. Please pray for safety with so many traveling, for the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who help at the festival, for the artists and speakers who will be performing and for those who will choose to make a commitment to follow Jesus :)

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