Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi again :)

We wanted to ask you about Pray around the World (a segment we have on the Joykids radio show). It is a segment where we pick a place each week and ask our listeners to pray for that place.

Anyhow, this week, we are asking you all to pray for Summer Camps. Many families send their children to camps over the summer. Some go for the whole summer, others just for a week. Some of you who are reading this will be going to a day camp.

Camps need our prayer! They have a lot of staff to manage, programs they have to run, keeping the grounds clean and things working. Many of the camps are Christian based camps. There are many kids who are hearing about Jesus for the first time, or maybe they are hearing it again, but will actually 'get it' this time around.

We have an opportunity to pray for the leaders of the many Camp grounds who will be leading many to Christ this summer, we have an opportunity to pray for the thousands of kids who will be leaving home (we need to pray that they will all be safe). We have an opportunity to pray and be a blessing to others.

So, for this week, please pray for these things :)

Have a great day everyone and remember, you can listen to the Joykids radio show each Saturday morning at www.joy1250.ca from 8-10 am. Also, you can get a hold of us 24/7 at contactjoykids@aol.com!


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