Thursday, November 12, 2009

News updates!

Hi everyone :) I hope you have been enjoying such a beautiful November!

It's wonderful to see the beautiful fall colours. The colours of the leaves with the bright blue sky. It is so glorious! Our Heavenly Father really did give us such a beautiful world, didn't He?

I have enjoyed seeing Lazarus, (our miracle baby) jump and play in the leaves. He is now almost 17 months old and is walking everywhere (he's also into everything...).

Dale is working on a production of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe over the next couple of months. He's working with the sound and lighting for the production. I've seen the play and it's wonderful! So, we'll have more info on that later.

It's coming up to Christmas (in case you haven't noticed the stores putting up their red and green Christmas decorations and the commercials for Christmas on the tv and radio, lol). So, if any of you have things going on at your church (especially if you have kids productions) that you'd like us to talk about on Joykids coming up to the Christmas season, just drop us a line! We'd love to be able to talk about it during the 'What's up' segment, especially for the free events like a childrens pageants going on in December.

So, here's our e-mail again, for you to drop any info by us (like a joke for Joke of the Day, or for What's up! Or a prayer request). It's

Have a great day everyone! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue with a very busy fall and Christmas season and have a wonderful day.


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