Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi there!

Welcome December :) That's right, December is right around the corner. It seems like only yesterday school was starting for another year and we were saying good-bye to summer. Time really does seem to go fast doesn't it?

For the month of December on the Joykids radio show, we're going to be talking a lot about Christmas. We'll be sharing fun facts about Christmas traditions, tips on staying 'sane' during the crazy, busy month of December and of course, talking about what Christmas is REALLY about!

That's right, Christmas is NOT about gifts, running around from errand to errand or getting ready for a big turkey dinner. It is about a child, born in a stinky manger surrounded by animals. Christmas is about Jesus, who left Heaven to come to us. That child lived here on earth, grew up and then died on a cross and rose again. All for you and me!

So, please remember that! It's so easy to get caught up in all the commercial aspects of Christmas. I admit it, I LOVE Christmas lights, having a Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols. I enjoy egg nog and the turkey dinner. But, let's not forget the real reason that we celebrate the Christmas season :)

God Bless you and remember the old saying "He is the Reason for the Season"


p.s. - The Joykids are taking a poll for the Joykids Christmas show. What is your favourite Christmas carol? Let us know, either on the Joykids facebook page, or e-mail us at! Also, remember to listen to Joykids on Joy1250, Saturday mornings from 8-10 am!

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