Sunday, September 21, 2008


Good Morning everyone!!

It is just after 1 am on Sat night. Dale and I have just returned from Pigapalooza. It was a big fund raiser for two children in need, Becca and Jordan. It was a wonderful day, visiting with so many people (although I could have done without the massive mosquito bite on my forehead, now I have an oh so attractive red bump above my eyebrow, yeah baby!!!) and enjoying our last week-end of summer outside around a BBQ.

Dale and I performed some of our Joykids Live show. It was magical to see both Becca and Jordan laughing and enjoying the show. The kids enjoyed the puppets and illusions that Dale did (honey, you did a great job, as always) and we got to show off our baby Lazarus. I can also say that I've officially had a 'pig roast', that's right, a pig spit roasted and I must say it rocked! Becca REALLY liked the visit from the firefighters too.

I would just like to really give a HUGE thank you to Cheryl "Smitty" Smith for AGAIN putting such an incredible amount of work and effort into pulling off another Pigapalooza event. It is a mammoth undertaking for her to do this year after year to help kids in need, and she does it because she has such a big heart and truly cares about others. Thank you, thank you!

So, without further ado, I'm off to bed... The baby is asleep and I need to get some shut eye before he wakes up. I remember the days when I could go on 2-3 hours sleep but no more :(

I'll have photos from Pigapalooza in a few days and I can post some of them then.

God Bless everyone!

Virginia and Dale

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