Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi there! This blog segment is for you, the Joykids Listener! Dale and I thought it would be fun to do a little post of some of the most common questions/comments that we hear about the Joykids radio show. So, here is an attempt to answer some of them...

I was thinking the other day about what we reallly do for the Joykids radio show... We continually run into people who are shocked that the radio show requires work outside of the radio station, or who wonder how we actually do the show and what do we do to plan our bantering (anyone who has listened to the show knows what I'm talking about, as we spend a good portion of the show talking back and forth with silly talking about, well, nothing).

So, without further ado, here is a short version of what goes into the show:

Well, through the week, Shanarah and I pick out the cd's (they are scattered throughout our apartment) and write up a run sheet of what order the songs come in. For a holiday such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, we try to put a theme together. That can take at the least 1-2 hours and much more for the Holiday shows.

For things like jokes, fun facts and historical facts, I'm continually working on that. I will often be writing down thoughts as they come to me and Dale is continually laughing at me for ripping articles out of magazine that I want to share with listeners.

Dale will often think of things for our Joykids website (the link is listed on the right side of the page) and is the one responsible for putting together the 'tech'side of the show with making up the bumpers, music segments and computer aspect of Joykids. He will often help put the cd's together with Shanarah and I before we come into the station.

Things like Pray around the World (where we pick a country or place each week and ask people to pray for it) depends on a few things. Sometimes we get information about a country from the internet, or we use a couple of books that are wonderful teachers for children. Also, if there is a country that Dale and I have been hearing about on the news, sometimes we'll use that as the basis for the segment.

Also, for those of you wondering, we do not script out the show. It is all banter that happens spontaneously, based on articles I've found in magazines and articles I clip out of newpapers, items Shanarah has found in kids magazines and articles found on the internet.

So, there you have it! There is a lot of work that goes into the show.

We just wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look :)

For those of you who continually pray for the show, radio station and our family, THANK YOU!! It is such an encouragement to us.

Remember to listen into Joy1250 tomorrow at 8 am for Joykids!!! If you can't get it your broadcast area, you can go to and click on the link to listen in.

Bless you~!~


P.S. - If any of you have any questions about the show or us (maybe about our live performance show, how we got involved in radio) feel free to e-mail us at with those questions, who knows, maybe in an upcoming blog we'll answer them!

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